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Blue Mountains Photographer

A few years back I sacked some of my clients.  Bit drastic right?  Yeah but, no but… All right, how then? I asked for a booking fee… ie a non refundable 25% deposit for bookings.  Seems sensible right,  because then the client who kept ‘losing’…

A is for Awesome



Unless you’ve been asleep for the past week, you’ll know that things got a little, well, tricky up here in the Blue Mountains. Winmalee got a shock… high winds took down a power cable and wiped out a couple of hundred houses in about 45…

Where did everyone go???

I saw this today and was struck how beautiful it was.
What most hit me were the stunning images as the song played. That man with his wife, both so young and strong with their lives ahead of them.
These images are all he’s got left now. Just memories, but even now, he says it ‘feels like a dream’.

Go out and make yourself some memories this weekend, before it’s too late.

You can buy his track on iTunes.
Buy “Oh Sweet Lorraine” on iTunes!


Making Memories

exceptional [ɪkˈsɛpʃənəl] adj 1. forming an exception; not ordinary 2. Unusually good; outstanding. This is what  exceptional looks like… And it’s spelled… ‘R-I-C-H-A-R-D’ Richard Orlowski ~ 5th July 1957 – 11th May 2013

How do you spell ‘exceptional’?

When I see a great building, all my senses start tingling.  Last week I managed to get some shots of the fairly new Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba.  It’s got some nice curves and the view at the back is spectacular on a good…

Blue Mountains Photographer ~ Architecture…



A few years ago, I took a trip. It was just me, a bit of camera gear and a freedom pass… no children, no nothing.  Just me and the road. As I drove up the road onto the highway I remember how utterly wonderful it…

Out West