You’re in the Middle of the World’s Largest Art Gallery and You’re Not Even Looking

When we were kids, I remember taking a school trip from my home town up in the north of England to London, which was an amazing opportunity.

Whilst we were there, we were taken around the National Gallery.  If you’ve ever been, you’ll know how amazing this place is…  If you haven’t, I suggest you put it on your bucket list.  I remember being totally awed by these incredible works of art.

When I later travelled through Australia in 1990, I made sure I visited every art gallery I could.  Wow, there’s some beautiful paintings and sculpture in those buildings.  It was a privilege.  An education.

It got me thinking the other day how spoiled we are with social media.  We’re constantly being bombarded by beautiful images, especially photography, which we flick past with a quick ‘Like’ if we can be bothered.  We’re so over-saturated with beautiful imagery, that we’re spoiled.

We’re in the middle of the largest art ‘gallery’ in the world and we’re not even looking…  all we can do is stroll past with half a glance.

Aren’t we lucky?  And a little bit spoiled?  And wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just slow down enough to write a comment on someone’s art work, instead of breezing past like it’s just yet another beautiful shot?

What say you?