Out West

A few years ago, I took a trip.

It was just me, a bit of camera gear and a freedom pass… no children, no nothing.  Just me and the road.

As I drove up the road onto the highway I remember how utterly wonderful it felt to be doing something for JUST ME!  Anyone out there who’s a full time parent might just understand how that feels.

I headed west and my aim was Parkes, where the gorgeous Aussie film, The DIsh was filmed.  Much of the footage of older buildings was actually filmed just down the road in Forbes, which is where I stayed for my weekend.

I love The Dish film.. one of those heart warming Aussie success stories which made it to film… gorgeous characterizations and country Australia at its best.  And the scenery.. stunning.

I had a quick dinner in a local pub and grabbed a drink.  People are very friendly in Forbes and I was introduced as ‘the girl from the city’… If anyone thinks that the Blue Mountains isn’t ‘city’, just hasn’t been far enough out west.  😉

A little later the band started up and I ended up jiving the night away with a sheep farmer who knew A LOT about sheep.  I had a blast!

I spent the next day from dawn until dusk out at the dish where the CSIRO has a great little museum.  Well worth a visit.


The sunset that night was a disappointment.  I managed to get onto a backroad where I shot the dish against a rapidly retreating sun.  Battling thousands of flies, I shot a fairly respectable set of images and eventually, when I thought it was all over, I got into the car and headed off.

If there’s one thing you learn with an Australian sunset, it’s not over until it’s over.  Rising over the brow of a hill, I came across this scene, which was just astounding.  I pulled over, shot this and felt incredibly happy to have taken this shot.

There’s no editing on this shot other than cropping.  No saturation boosting, no nothing.  Just this sky on fire!  Amazing.


One of the best trips of my life.  Australia is beautiful… get out and explore.