Meet Josie…

Hi Josie!

Josie lives here in the Blue Mountains.

And she’s got ME.

That’s Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) – sometimes mislabeled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a totally different entity, but confused since the 80’s with ME).

Josie became ill suddenly, with an acute upper respiratory tract infection, at the age of 13. She went on to develop other symptoms which did not abate, and subsequently, she has spent the last nearly 8 years predominantly at home and bed bound. Her range of symptoms from back when she was only 13, to now, at the age of 21 are profound and extremely debilitating: muscular and skeletal pain, head pain, nausea, gut problems, flushing, temperature irregularities, tachycardia, shortness of breath, noise and light sensitivity, difficulty in standing for any length of time (beyond 5 minutes at the most), and other multi-system symptoms that leave her suffering for the greater part of each day.

Due to the confusion between ME and CFS, Josie has suffered additionally in regards to social stigma and isolation. Having lost her whole social structure and routine at the age of 13, she has also suffered severe depression in the following years.

There is no known cure for ME at this time.   And Josie’s missed out on being a kid.  She’s now 21 and she’d just like a break.

So what’s my point?  Ok, here’s the deal.

Josie’s been offered a treatment which is based in Hawaii.  Dr Jamie Deckhoff-Jones is offering this treatment, and whilst she is not offering a cure, there is the possibility of Josie being able to live a more active and fulfilling life.  It’s going to take a month of intensive treatment, so Josie and her mum, Jayne, need some cash to help them out.

So even if you have just $5 and feel that you don’t need that cash this week, you can donate it to at Paypal<<<<click to send some cash

Easy eh?  You can find all the details here on the ‘Turning point for Josie’ Facebook Page.

Now it gets even better.  Josie is a really talented macro photographer.


Seriously, her stuff makes my macro efforts look like something I knocked up in wood class.  😀

click click click>>>>You can purchase Josie’s work here at Red Bubble <<<< click click click

Not only that but her mum, Jayne has a Red Bubble portfolio too.  Talented family, huh?

So please support Josie and Jayne and purchase some of their gorgeous art work at Red Bubble or just drop a little cash into the Paypal account and let’s see if we can’t just help Josie out.

Thanks for reading.