Keep doing what you’re doing…

Last night I ran into someone who told me someone I knew well was very ‘critical’ of my photography and my life but only behind my back.

‘That’s nice’ I thought.

One of the worst things of living in the Blue Mountains is the small community… and yet one of the very best things about living in the Blue Mountains is the small community!

Whilst we support each other, there are others here who just don’t ‘get it’.  There are 4 degrees of separation in the mountains. Want to talk about people behind their backs?  Guarantee you they’ll hear about it. 

Peter Brock once said ‘What other people think of me is none of my business’…

And so I embrace this Brockism.

I don’t care what other people think of my work or my life.
I simply don’t care.  I do it because it makes me feel fantastic.  It fulfils me.

 I don’t do what I do because I’m seeking your approval.  The only approval I need is my own.

Grab your passion and explore all of it.  Live.  You’re a long time dead.