Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens

I was thrilled to find that Barry O’Farrell has kept his promise and made botanical gardens free to everyone in his first few days in office.    I did think this promise was one of those wishy washy things politicians promise and then forget, conveniently, to do as soon as they’re elected, but nope.  Mt Tomah, one of my most favourite places ever in the world is now FREE.

Finding that I didn’t have to pay the entry fee was a lovely surprise, especially when I have three children to pay for.  We took a picnic and enjoyed a beautiful day. 
I can’t quite describe why I love Mt Tomah so much.  It may be the beautiful Autumnal colours that remind me so much of Autumn in the UK, or it may be the wonderful wildlife that flits through the garden that I hold my breath to capture, or it may just be the stunning panorama but whatever it is, it fills my soul up and I feel this wonderful peace.