‘Liking’ every other photographer’s artwork on Facebook will not only waste your time, but it will hamper your creativity.

You think it’s giving you good ideas to see what other people are doing but really, it’s limiting you to what other people are creating, and removing the focus from what you are creating.
Not only that, if they’re being hyper creative, it will merely point the finger at your lack and you’ll feel bad.
Then you’re on the Ultimate Photographer’s Spiral of Doom

‘Oh no, their work is so much better than mine.  I’m rubbish.  I’m not doing what they’re doing.  Boo hoo me.’

Do you WANT to be on the Ultimate Photographer’s Spiral of Doom? (The UPSD for short, because I like FLA’s)

There comes a point where it’s a good idea to stop looking at other people’s art, pick up your camera, your paintbrush, or your pencils and let out what is inside you without giving a damn what other people are doing.  Their work is no ‘better’ than yours.  There is no ‘better’… there is only ‘different’.

Release your creativity.   Stop embracing theirs.

There, I said it.  So shoot me.