The importance of Creativity

Creativity comes in spurts. It’s never continuous, and sometimes goes completely, a condition a little like writer’s block. When this happens, I do something that makes me happy, waiting for it to return as it always does.

My creativity hasn’t been away anywhere, but I’ve been so busy working recently (and also partying for my 40th birthday the other week) that I almost forgot to be creative, so today I had a play around with my Nikon prime lens and a petal.

Work does that to you sometimes. It’s good to take a breath, wander the garden with your camera and catch something simple …
Simple ideas always work the best.
Without creativity, some of the best people are lost out there.  Stuck in a rut or a job which takes all their energy, they have no time for creativity. 

Barthold Georg Niebuhr said 
‘It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life’

And I totally agree with him. 

Take a few minutes to step off the hamster wheel and create something beautiful just for the sheer joy of it, for yourself.